Trying to Learn Japanese

While I was on my hiatus, I decided that I wanted to learn Japanese. I think the language is interesting and I wanted to expand my horizons. Have any of my readers wanted to learn Japanese too? If any of you guys are actually Japanese or can speak Japanese, I would love it if you... Continue Reading →


Changing my blog name?

I feel as though the name of my blog is simple and unoriginal. I've been thinking about changing my blog name, as well as my twitter for this blog, for a while now. I've been brainstorming of a few names and have narrowed it down to a few. I wanted to get your thoughts before I... Continue Reading →

Book Haul

As promised, I have posted a book haul. The majority of these books I received on my birthday, but I did purchase a few myself. Along with photos of the books, I will include a Goodreads¬†synopsis to give you guys a little background in case you decide to pick up any of these books. If... Continue Reading →

Another Long Hiatus

I haven't posted in 10 months... I know. I'm disappointed in myself too. My last post was a giveaway, which I did contact the winner and send the prize their way. ¬†I wanted to apologize to all my readers. School has been stressful and life has been chaotic. I was also in a pretty bad... Continue Reading →

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